10 India-Based AI Startups Changing Healthcare

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Although Silicon Valley attracts tons of attention in the artificial intelligence world, other countries are quietly and effectively revolutionizing multiple industries using AI. India has produced many exciting AI healthcare startups, especially those whose missions lie in making healthcare more affordable, more accurate, and more portable while reducing the cost of diagnosis.

This list of AI healthcare startups in the healthcare space isn’t exhaustive, but they are ones to keep watching. Each one is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine the domain-level expertise of healthcare providers with powerful, processing-efficient AI.


The Mumbai-based AI healthcare startup, Qure.ai, tackles affordable and accessible healthcare by leveraging deep learning algorithms to make diagnosis quicker and easier. Using products powered by heavy hitters Intel, NVIDIA, AWS, and Azure, the company’s algorithms are able to look for abnormalities on X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Bolstered by a 2020 $16 million investment in an unknown venture series, the company hopes to make healthcare mobile and more cost-effective.


Based in Bangalore, SigTuple uses machine learning to analyze medical data. It combines AI, robotics, and data science to deliver healthier outcomes for the country of India. It currently offers five products: urine microscopy analysis, automated blood smear analysis, semen analyzer, specimen analysis for in-vitro diagnosis, and a SaaS platform for diabetic retinopathy screenings.


Bengaluru-based Artelus offers one of the first AI-driven contactless screening system for diabetic retinopathy. Doctors control the screening tool remotely, and the system generates reports within seconds. Even better, it’s more affordable than standard screenings and scalable. The deep learning algorithms boast a 93% accuracy rate, and the company has taken home quite a few awards for its work. The presence of contactless diagnostics could make caring for patients in future pandemics much easier.


Niramai uses a combination of artificial intelligence and thermal analytics to shorten the time to a breast cancer diagnosis. It’s able to identify malignant cells sooner and at a lower cost than traditional diagnostics. On top of these perks, the system automated, portable, and detects cancer cells faster than even a self-examination. Plus, it’s more private than other methods and uses a radiation-free, non-invasive system. The biggest draw for this company’s work is the chance for healthcare providers to offer critical care in a more private setting, which could alleviate patient anxiety.


An AI startup in the cancer treatment space, Oncostem uses machine learning and AI. First, algorithms analyze a sample of a patient’s tumor to predict the likelihood of recurrence, labeling patients as low or high risk. These algorithms assist healthcare providers in assessing and leveraging personalized cancer treatments. The company also offers research that could help develop new cancer treatments.


A deep tech company in the diagnostics space, ChironX uses AI to make fast, efficient diagnostics from photographs. Their flagship program, Chiron Eye, detects several retinal disorders from a simple retinal fundus image. It’s a relatively new player in the space, receiving funding in an early seed round. Its mission is to reduce the time and cost of diagnosis.


With offices in both India and San Francisco, Innovaccer provides cloud and AI-based health data analytics platform. The company offers four components — InNote, InConnect, InGraph, and InCare — collecting data for public health insights. The system provides virtual networks, patient monitoring, and decision support, helping overwhelmed healthcare providers manage their caseloads even in the face of crises in public health. In addition, it offers surgery management, patient referrals, and a CRM. It’s an exciting example of how artificial intelligence can aid in end-to-end patient care.


Based in Chennai, Perfint explores robotic assistance in minimally invasive surgery. It currently offers three products — Robio, Robio EZ, and Maxio. Each offers different types of robotic assistance to surgeons, allowing them to plan and execute CT-guided cancer biopsies, drug delivery, and the ablation of small tumors. It leverages AI to make surgery and drug delivery in oncology more precise and less invasive. Maxio is an FDA 510(k) approved device and a DBT-BIRAC Innovation Award winner.


For AI-driven administration, HealthPlix fills a significant need in growing and evolving healthcare facilities. It uses machine learning and AI-based insights to help solve challenging medical record needs for chronic care management. The platform offers insights related to healthcare, such as patient outcomes and administrative insights in financial affairs or marketing, and also supports 20 different languages and 16 specialties. It has received $24 million in funding so far.


A cloud and AI-based material management startup, Aknamed’s software combines machine learning tools designed to analyze purchase and consumption data with automation. Products are tracked through their entire life cycle, simplifying procurement and making it one of India’s largest supply-chain-focused platforms in the healthcare space. It provides an infrastructure to keep hospitals in good operational standing and make it easier to find waste areas.

India Continues to Innovate

India’s contributions to the artificial intelligence space are exciting to watch. Healthcare is a challenging yet critical field. The more we can use AI in healthcare, the faster we can make advances and the better everyone’s standard of living will be.

Is there a startup we missed? Let us know who to keep an eye on in the comments.

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