4 of the Best Data Science YouTube Channels

Siraj Raval — Best For Exposure

Siraj takes a lot of flack for claiming to be for beginners and then steamrolling you with a bunch of high-level information (and so much handwaving), but we find his videos useful for the simple reason that exposure to a concept is the first step in self-learning. He has an extensive library of videos ranging from live streams dedicated to specific ideas ranging to AI videos and overviews of algorithms and coding concepts.

Kevin Markham Data School — Best For Practical Instruction

Kevin Markham is the founder of Data School and uses his YouTube channel to offer practical instruction. He focuses on topics students should learn first, breaking things down into simple tracks for both beginning and advanced students.

Google Cloud Platform — Best For Keeping Up With Trends

Google’s reach is just about infinite, and their Youtube channel is full of tutorials to help you build not just what’s happening now but what’s happening next. This channel has a broad ecosystem for both data scientists and developers with plenty of crossover videos in multiple languages. They’re continually producing new content and have a deep backlog of videos if you’re just getting started.

Open Data Science — Best For Broad Spectrum Knowledge

We have a YouTube channel where you can get not only tutorials in a wide range of disciplines and ability levels but all of the coolest presentations from our conferences. Where else can you find R tutorials, NLP, and data storytelling all in one place? It’s built not just for developers, but data visualizers, machine learning enthusiasts, and business owners looking to finally figure out what their data analytics team is talking about.

Best Data Science Channels

This is always evolving as big data transforms our world in almost every way we could imagine. It’s important to remember that different channels have different purposes and you may grow out of certain ones as your knowledge increases. Always keep a few options in your back pocket so you can stay fresh with what’s going on in data science and how it’s evolving.



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