5 DevOps Challenges To Overcome To Gain Productivity

Choose the Right Projects

First of all, we often forget that all development projects may not suit the DevOps approach. You can be tempted to apply DevOps approach for new projects but this may not be fruitful at all times. In case of improper implementation, DevOps can actually slow down the process and can consume a lot of development time. This is why you need to be very selective in respect of selecting DevOps projects. Whether a DevOps approach is right for the project or not, should be decided based upon a plethora of factors. Point blank adoption of DevOps adoption will be the wrong strategy.

Automation Silos

Legacy Systems Not Optimized for DevOps

One of the biggest challenges that DevOps teams face is the legacy systems and applications that are developed without keeping the DevOps environment in mind. In spite of their so-called harmless disposition, they are often challenging for the transition to an agile DevOps environment. These legacy systems and apps need to be optimized before using them in a DevOps environment.

Standalone Pipelines

Visibility Challenges

Because of the plethora of processes as well as development and deployment tools end to end visibility of the events and the processes often becomes difficult for the enterprises. This lack of visibility actually creates roadblocks to innovation and creativity for the developers. At the same, this proves to be counterproductive for the decision making the process.

Performance Testing

It is true that the performance of the apps has become the single most important consideration for all projects irrespective of the niche and focus area. As user expectations are continuously increasing, creating and releasing applications faster became a major challenge for the DevOps developers.

Manpower Problem

The problems with the people involved in DevOps projects still make a challenge for the development outcomes across many projects. The communication gap and personality problems are common issues among DevOps team members that often pull down the productivity and performance of projects. Problems with DevOps management is also a key problem to make productivity suffer.


DevOps will continue to shine as the most effective development approach for modern apps. But for companies to use their full potential, these productivity challenges must be met head-on.



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