5 Questions to Ask to See if You’re Ready for AI

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5 min readJul 1, 2024


AI has become a buzzword in nearly every industry, from healthcare to finance to retail with dozens of new case studies floating around displaying the potential of the technology. While this all looks great, the potentially tricky thing is that integrating AI into operations isn’t exactly like ordering something from Amazon. Though we know that AI can offer significant advantages to just about any business, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure a successful AI implementation.

So let’s ask a few key questions that any business leader must ask before taking on the AI journey.

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Do You Know What You Want?

Really, this is the most important question. That’s because the first step in your AI journey is understanding what you want to achieve so you have some idea of the scope and level of integration required. What some fail to realize is that AI encompasses a broad range of technologies and applications, each serving different purposes. Do you need a generative AI model that can create content, a chatbot to enhance customer service, or automation to streamline business processes? Identifying your specific needs will help you choose the right type of AI solution.

Is Your Team Ready to Use AI?

This is the next important question. Because the truth is, that integrating AI into your business is not just about the technology; it’s also about the people who will use it. It’s crucial to assess whether your team is skilled and ready to adopt AI tools. This involves both technical readiness and moral readiness.

Technical readiness means ensuring your team has the necessary skills to work with AI. This might involve upskilling your current employees or hiring new talent with expertise in AI and machine learning. Consider investing in training programs to bridge any knowledge gaps and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Moral readiness, on the other hand, refers to your team’s preparedness to handle the ethical implications of AI. AI can raise various ethical issues, such as bias in decision-making, data privacy concerns, and the impact on employment. This is because when people hear AI, the first thing that comes into mind is that AI can somehow replace them; though the truth is AI is best suited as an extension or enhancer of any team. Having an open dialogue about these issues and establishing clear ethical guidelines can help your team navigate the moral complexities of AI.

Can You Afford It?

Surprisingly, this is a question that either gets forgotten until well into planning or is pushed aside as a problem that can be handled with credit. Well, unless your company is pulling revenue, like Walmart or another national brand, you want to connect this question with how deep you want to scale your AI into the business. It’s not all doom and gloom. The truth is that some AI applications, such as pre-built chatbots or automation tools, might be relatively affordable, but developing a custom large language model can be expensive. Finding the right vendor who can agree with your identified needs and provide the correct service is as important today as it was yesteryears ago.

Do You Need to Hire New Staff for Implementing AI?

Depending on the complexity of the AI solution you choose, you might need to hire new staff. This could include data scientists, AI specialists, and software engineers. These professionals can help you design, develop, and maintain your AI systems.

Hiring new staff can be costly, so it’s important to evaluate whether it’s necessary for your specific AI project. In some cases, partnering with an external AI service provider might be a more cost-effective solution. They can offer the expertise you need without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Build or Buy?

One of the critical decisions you’ll face is whether to build your AI solution in-house or buy an existing product from a vendor. Building an AI system from scratch offers the advantage of customization, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific needs. However, it requires significant resources, including time, money, and expertise.

On the other hand, buying an off-the-shelf AI product can be quicker and more cost-effective. Many vendors offer robust AI solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing systems. While these products might not offer the same level of customization as a bespoke solution, they often provide sufficient flexibility to meet most business needs.

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Integrating AI into your business is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. By asking the right questions and thoroughly evaluating your needs, team readiness, budget, and resources, you can set the foundation for a successful AI implementation.

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