7 AI Startups Coming to the ODSC West AI Builders Event

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3 min readOct 25, 2022

You never know when you might discover your next game-changing AI product, service, framework, or hardware. At ODSC West, we will feature the AI Builders startup pitch on Tuesday, November 1st, where exciting AI startups will showoff what makes them unique to venture capital investors interested in AI startups. We already have a few AI startups signed up, so learn more about them here.


MLtwist is a Data-as-a-Service platform for Artificial Intelligence that helps get quality annotations faster. MLtwist’s platform alleviates pressure on data scientists by automating labeling tool selection, data transformation, quality control, and everything in between. With MLtwist, companies quickly go from unclassified, messy data to quality labeled data. MLtwist works with large public tech companies as well as government agencies.

Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence is a business simulation software to ask “what if” questions by leveraging causal machine learning and bayesian networks, allowing analysts and operators to work hand-in-hand with an AI system. It’s currently deployed at multiple online product-based businesses allowing marketing-mix-modeling without requiring customer data to perform attribution.

Einblick Analytics Inc

Einblick offers a platform for data scientists in need of an agile and collaborative workflow. It’s a modern data science platform that enables users to rapidly explore data, build predictive models, and deploy data apps in concert with stakeholders. Einblick eliminates the repetitive and mundane aspects of data science while differentiating itself from mainstream notebooks with a uniquely visual canvas and blazingly fast compute engine, empowering data scientists to focus their code on extracting valuable insights.


Linea is building an automated MLOps platform for the modern data team that offers advanced collaboration and lineage features. Linea has also created an OSS project, LineaPy, that aims to bridge the gap between data science development and production.


Notebooks don’t work for business. The Zerve canvas rearchitects the data science workflow so code-first data scientists can build, present, and deploy real, practical AI solutions like never before.


Featureform is an open-source feature store that sits atop your existing infrastructure. They have support for all the major cloud platforms AWS, GCP, Azure, Spark, Snowflake, and many more. Featureform allows data scientists to define, manage, and serve machine learning features. It creates a centralized repository of feature definitions so that data scientists can stop copying code and snippets across untitled notebooks and files.

Hidden Layer

HiddenLayer’s patent-pending solution provides a noninvasive, software-based platform that monitors the inputs and outputs of your machine learning algorithms for anomalous activity consistent with adversarial ML attack techniques. Response actions are immediate with a flexible response framework to protect your ML.

Check out these AI Startups at ODSC West

ODSC West is coming up soon — so don’t miss your chance to check out these exciting startups for yourself! The AI Builders event is free to attend with an AI Builders pass.

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