A Look Into ODSC Europe 2020 Focus Areas

  • Daria Stepanova, PhD | Research Scientist│Bosch Center for AI
  • Dat Tran│Head of AI│Axel Springer SE | Training a Machine to See What’s Beautiful (esp. for Hotel Photos)
  • Joanneke Meijer│Data Science Manager│Amsterdam Data Collective│Sustainable Retail Through Open Source, Scraping and NLP
  • Debanjana Banerjee│Data Scientist │Walmart Labs | CRESST: Complete Rare Event Specification using Stochastic Treatment
  • Dr. Zeynep Akata│Professor Of Computer Science│University of Tübingen| Learning and Explaining with Limited Labels
  • Dr. Lora Aroyo│Research Scientist│Google
  • Matt Brems│Global Lead Data Science Instructor│General Assembly | Natural Language Processing Fundamentals in Python
  • Gabriel Bianconi│Founder│Scalar Research | Introduction To Face Processing With Computer Vision
  • Dr. Kirk Borne│Principal Data Scientist│Booz Allen Hamilton | Atypical Applications of Typical Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Jared Lander│Chief Data Scientist│Lander Analytics | Machine Learning in R Part I: Penalized Regression and Boosted Trees
  • Max Humber│Lead Instructor│General Assembly-Animating Data: From matplotlib plots to GIFs
  • Dr. Katharina Glass│Manager Data Scientist│Aurubis AG-Dare to Start Simple
  • Stephanie Kirmer│Data Science Technical Lead│Journera | Making Happy Modelers: Build and Maintain Your Data Warehouse with AWS Redshift and Airflow
  • Ian Horrocks, PhD│Professor│University of Oxford | Which is the tallest building in Europe? — Representing and Reasoning About Knowledge
  • Pre-Bootcamp On-Demand Training covering the fundamentals of programming with Python, statistics, and SQL
  • Pre-Bootcamp Live Training with the AI+ instructor of your choice
  • A Virtual Hackathon that gives you an opportunity to put your new skills to the test
  • 3 or 4-day Bootcamp at the conference where you’ll have access to
  • 6 sessions covering data science fundamentals
  • 50+ training sessions, workshops, and talks
  • The Virtual AI Expo and Demo Talks
  • The Virtual Career Lab and Expo



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ODSC - Open Data Science

ODSC - Open Data Science


Our passion is bringing thousands of the best and brightest data scientists together under one roof for an incredible learning and networking experience.