AI and Small Business: It’s Not Just for Enterprises

Manual Processes are Killing Productivity

You don’t have the human power to keep up with the workload in most of your departments. Think about it. Your two-person finance team isn’t the full department of a multinational corporation. Your in-house counsel, if you have one at all, is doing the best they can to keep up. Your sales department is just a few people or maybe one single person. Everything you do requires steady human labor from people trying to do the work of entire teams.

Hiring New Talent is Still Inefficient

You want to grow the business, but that requires hiring new talent. You don’t have the time to go through countless irrelevant resumes or craft a job description that spans a few different departments (small business problems, right?), so you put it off. AI can streamline that process and could soon be an integral part of hiring regardless of the size of your business.

All Businesses will be Data-Driven

Big data is here, and avoiding data-driven initiatives is only delaying the inevitable. The good news is that you don’t need a whole team of talent to build your data initiatives. AI is capable of processing those massive amounts of data and creating a solution based on a specific business question may not be as hard as you think. One good data scientist on board, and you’ve got yourself an agile data operation.

Why Your Small Business Still Needs AI

More small businesses are saying that AI will be a necessary part of operations than ever before, but many don’t know when or how to begin. ODSC has several resources for businesses trying to make sense of what AI can do, and in some cases, a business needs just a simple question to get started.



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