AI’s Role in Aiding EV Adoption

Looking at Current EV Adoption

The U.S. has noted increases in EV adoption rates, but rates are still on the low side compared to other regions of the world. According to data from the World Economic Forum, Norway, Iceland and Sweden lead the world in EV adoption.

How AI Can Speed up EV Adoption

Aside from government funding for infrastructure improvements, other factors will play a role in aiding EV adoption. An article from Forbes cites five major factors driving adoption, including:

  • Technology
  • Cost
  • Overcoming myths about the environmental impact of EVs
  • A fast-changing EV market with various players (Volkswagen, Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, etc.)

Improving EV Batteries

One piece of technology necessary for EV development is electric batteries. Developing a suitable battery for an EV requires testing various material combinations, and that’s a time-consuming process.

Smoothing Out EV Charging Demand

A new project in Canada may help manage EV charging when demand is high. It was recently announced that the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) would support an AI project to improve EV charging management. BluWave-ai and Hydro Ottawa are leading the project, and it’s expected to enhance charging operations when energy is in peak demand.

Enhancing HMIs for Safety

Another factor driving the adoption of EVs is to ensure safety for drivers and passengers. One essential feature in an EV and most modern vehicles is the human-machine interface (HMI), which is needed for controlling and providing signals to various types of automated equipment, including the LED screens found in many EVs.

Expect More AI Use Cases to Drive EV Adoption

It is becoming more popular for drivers to consider purchasing EVs, but adoption rates need to increase to create a more sustainable transportation system. AI will play a significant role in driving sales if more companies find innovative ways to use these solutions. It’s only a matter of time until EVs become the dominant mode of transportation, but leveraging AI will be critical in reaching that point.



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