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3 min readApr 30, 2021


A successful data scientist or AI practitioner never stops learning. However, pausing your career to return to school for another degree can be costly in terms of both time and budget. In such situations, machine learning certifications are an essential tool for both developing new skills and showcasing them.

ODSC’s new certification in machine learning covers the fundamentals of machine learning as well as diving into some trending topics, ensuring that you have a strong foundation in the basics and are exposed to the latest developments in the topic. Below you will find an overview of ODSC’s Machine Learning Certification pathway as part of the Ai+ Training platform.

The Machine Learning Certification is organized into 8 weeks of on-demand courses, each of which has an exam at the end. To earn badges and get your certification, you must pass all 8 exams. You’ll also have access to a monthly mentoring webinar to help you complete the certification. Certification courses include:

Machine Learning Primer

Dr. Kirk Borne | Principal Data Scientist | Booz Allen Hamilton

Learn about machine learning through two main threads: foundational concepts and practical examples. This course will help you design your own analytics solutions and solve a broad range of problems, as well as teach you how to generate value from the data assets and communicate to your stakeholders the importance and meaning of models in data-intensive environments.

Complete Python Fundamentals

Mona Khalil | Senior Data Scientist | Greenhouse Software

Work on your ability to leverage the versatile Python language with this machine learning certification course, which is designed to take you from zero experience to a powerful, practical use of this language.

SQL for Data Science

Mona Khalil | Senior Data Scientist | Greenhouse Software

SQL is an invaluable tool in your journey in machine learning. This workshop will help you develop a working knowledge of how to explore a relational database, how to use SQL to retrieve data from that database, and how to transform it to answer your data science questions.

Data Analysis Using Pandas

Boris Paskhaver | Software Engineer | Stride Consulting

Get a comprehensive introduction to the powerful Pandas library for data analysis as part of the machine learning certification. Once you complete this workshop, you’ll have a strong foundation for using Pandas in your day-to-day data analysis needs.

Mathematics for Machine Learning

Dr. Jon Khron | Chief Data Scientist | untapt | Author of Deep Learning Illustrated

Get a comprehensive overview of Linear Algebra and Calculus. In this course, you will cover Intro to Linear Algebra, Matrix Operations, Limits & Derivatives and Partial Derivatives & Integrals.

Statistics for Machine Learning

Dr. Jon Khron | Chief Data Scientist | untapt | Author of Deep Learning Illustrated

This machine learning certification course will cover all the main aspects of Probability and Statistics, including topics in Frequentist Statistics, Regression, and Bayesian Statistics.

Supervised Machine Learning

Andras Zsom, PhD | Lead Data Scientist | Brown University

This course will walk you through all steps of the classical supervised machine learning pipeline. And will cover topics like cross-validation and splitting strategies, evaluation metrics, supervised machine learning algorithms (like linear and logistic regression, support vector machines, and tree-based methods like the random forest, gradient boosting, and XGBoost), and interpretability

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Ankur Patel | Head of Data | Glean

This course explores why unsupervised learning is so critical to working with data, especially if the data is not only unlabeled but is very large scale and high volume. It will compare unsupervised learning with supervised learning and later combine the two approaches to develop semi-supervised learning solutions.

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