BrainBox AI Unveils ARIA: an AI-Powered Virtual Building Assistant For a Greener Future

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3 min readApr 1, 2024

With talks of responsible AI and sustainability in mind, BrainBox AI has introduced ARIA to the world. ARIA is a generative AI-powered virtual Building Assistant that they hope will help secure a greener future for mankind.

If this technology is widely adopted, it has the potential to assist companies reach sustainability goals that at the micro level could have a significant impact on the macro levels. But how does this new tool exactly work?

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Well to put it simply, it just seeks to redefine the landscape of building management by offering facility managers and building operators a smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way to oversee their properties.

And for the looks of ARIA, it seems that between the on-demand report generation capabilities, and data visualizations, it can help facility managers guide stakeholders through the process of reducing emissions with proactive action.

ARIA was developed on Amazon Bedrock, providing users with on-demand cloud capabilities, which are also cross-platform capable. For facility managers and building operators, Aria is able to provide state-of-the-art tools to optimize building operations.

So do they have any numbers to back up these claims? Well, it seems that they do. According to BrainBox, ARIA can help buildings cut energy costs by up to 25% and other harmful emissions by 40%. If you’re keeping a note, these are savings that can stack over time.

For those worried about their real estate holdings and office buildings, this is great for long-term savings for companies using physical buildings, but also providing them with a new way of reaching sustainability goals, and/or regulatory requirements by local environmental agencies.

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All in all, ARIA is able to help by enhancing energy efficiency to providing insights that lead to reduced carbon emissions. Its implementation showcases the tangible benefits of integrating cutting-edge technology into building management, emphasizing not only cost savings but also the importance of protecting our environment.

If you’re interested, BrainBox AI has a video here that you can watch.

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