Creating An Open Data Infrastructure For Better Public Services

Game-Changing Potential of Open Data at Public Offices

Improving citizens’ relationships with public offices:

  • Real-time updates on service status
  • Facilitated communication with administrative institutions
  • Easy-to-access knowledge of how and where to access any service

Improving service delivery at public offices:

  • Helping office managers and staff optimize their productivity
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Notified residents about the progress of public service delivery
  • Capturing trends and insights that help prioritize inquiries intelligently.

Intelligent policy development

  • Determining which areas would benefit the most from policy interventions
  • Making data-driven decisions based on insights captured by the open data infrastructure
  • Controlling the enforcement process

Building Open Data Infrastructures For Public Offices

Step #1. Understanding the need for and potential applications of open data

  • Before deploying an open data platform, public office leaders should consult community stakeholders — education, healthcare, private sector, and community group representatives. This way, officials will be able to identify the full range of needs an open data application could help cover.
  • Assessing the community’s readiness to deploy open data is necessary. After all, implementing the technology requires tech talent and significant investments. Other than ensuring a needed amount of human and financial resources, public officials should let the community know about the open data implementation strategy and educate community residents about the benefits of public office data accessibility.
  • Gathering open data implementation case studies will help account for risks and improve the efficiency of the future infrastructure.

Step #2. Creating a governance framework

Step #3. Building supporting platforms

Step #4. Ensuring data security

  • Public office leaders need to account for risks, connected to data storage and implement incident response frameworks before deploying open data platforms publicly
  • Implement best public data protection practices and ensure full data recoverability in case of a security attack.
  • Make sure that no data, vital to the operation of the community, can be tampered with or put in jeopardy.

Step #5. Training and enforcing innovation

  • Public officials need to ensure the data management team has the skillset needed to sort through and process large data volumes. For faster training and on-boarding, hiring a team of data science professionals for consulting service is a reasonable practice.
  • Keeping track of data science trends and international data management practices to strengthen the platform.
  • Designate a tech university department or R&D center for developing and implementing data science innovations.

Step #6. Communicate with residents

  • Create a shareable data marketplace that makes relevant non-personal data accessible by private sector entities and other communities. This way, public officials will create an open environment and can share experiences with other local community leaders.
  • Run public communication campaigns to promote responsible data handling practices among residents.

Step #7. Support the running system

  • Monitor data gathering, processing, and relay according to the data lifecycle model. Make sure to update open datasets regularly.
  • Ensure that financial fluctuations will not put the system in jeopardy, outline the minimal budget needed for the solution to function.
  • Create a strong business case in case there will be a need to reach out for external funding.




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