Four Problems and Solutions Responsive MT Will Address

Next Evolutionary Step in MT: Responsive MT

Responsive MT refers to systems that are better able to respond to context and stakeholder requirements so that they deliver situationally relevant results. Not only does responsive MT build on trends from the seven-decade history of MT technology, but it also increases flexibility and suitability for a wide diversity of use cases. The magic behind the scenes involves increasingly sophisticated metadata and context that allow the emergence of “polymorphic engines,” which adapt dynamically to the content they translate in a way that current-generation MT systems cannot.

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In his presentation at ODSC East, Dr. Arle Lommel, senior analyst at CSA Research, will outline the types of metadata that need to be encapsulated and the best practices for gathering them in preparation for the release of responsive MT systems. It will also discuss how these changes are likely to affect technology and translation providers and the new career opportunities that will appear for language professionals.



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