From Leader to Laggard: Four Areas Machine Learning is Disrupting Wall Street

1. Algorithm Trading

2. High-Frequency Trading Agents

3. Risk Assessment Platforms

4. OMS Trading Platforms

  • An Introduction to Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance
    Jun 10th: 3:20 PM GMT | 10:20 AM EST REGISTER FREE
  • Machine Learning for finance with TensorFlow
    Jun 10th: 11:55 AM GMT | 6:55 AM EST REGISTER FREE
  • How to Build and Test a Trading Strategy Using Machine Learning
    Jun 10th: 1:30 PM GMT | 8:30 AM EST
  • Reinforcement Learning in Finance: Playing Atari vs Playing Markets
    Jun 8th: 11:55 AM GMT | 6:55 AM EST
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance
    Jun 8th: 10:15 AM GMT | 5:15 AM EST
  • Can Your Model Survive the Crisis: Monitoring, Diagnosis and Mitigation
  • Metal-Learning with an Older Abstract of Anomaly Detection
  • PyTorch 101: Building a Model Step-by-Step
  • Artificial Intelligence Risk to Companies
  • Adversarial Attacks and Defence in Computer Vision 101
  • Finding that Needle! Modern Approaches to Fraud and Anomaly Detection
  • Production Machine Learning Monitoring: Principles, Patterns, and Techniques



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