Google CEO Sundar Pichai Compares AI to Climate Change

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2 min readNov 29, 2023


At the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in San Francisco, Google CEO Sundar Pichai compared AI to climate change. This comment came as Sundar Pichai was asked how to get a global consensus on “smart AI regulation“.

According to CNBC, he said that AI “will proliferate” and that “AI advances will get out to all the countries and so it’s naturally the kind of technology that — I don’t think there’s a unilateral safety to be had.“. With that said, he said that if AI goes wrong in one country, it could have an impact on others; making it difficult to regulate locally.

This was the point where Sundar Pichai used climate change as an example. He said, “In some ways, it’s like climate change and the planet,…We all share a planet. I think that’s true for AI.” That’s why “you have to start building the frameworks globally,”.

He continued to say that nations had a shared responsibility to build global frameworks. This is an issue that Google and other major tech companies have advocated for over the past few months. Back in August, tech leaders met with congressional leaders specifically on the topic of AI.

But it’s not just the United States. Japan, the EU, and China, along with other nations, have rapidly attempted to study and deploy regulatory frameworks to minimize risk while protecting potential innovation for local markets.

It’s clear that governments around the world are hoping to achieve some kind of standard for responsible AI governance, and the industry is also attempting to do its part to provide frameworks. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and other major tech companies have joined together earlier this year to advocate for governing rules.

While at the same time pledging to push their own responsible AI efforts internally. As AI continues to scale globally, it’s becoming obvious that responsible AI is on many leaders mind. And this will only become more important as the technology integrates further into the lives of every day people.

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