Highlights and Pictures from ODSC West 2022

  • Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science with Metaflow: Ville Tuulos | Co-founder & CEO | Outerbounds
  • Machine Learning with XGBoost: Matt Harrison | Python & Data Science Corporate Trainer, Consultant | MetaSnake
  • Enhance Trust with Machine Learning Model Error Analysis: Serg Masis | Climate & Agronomic Data Scientist | Syngenta
  • Detecting Changes Over Time with Bayesian Change Point Analysis in R: Aric LaBarr, PhD | Associate Professor of Analytics | Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State University
  • Creating An Ethical AI Environment: Sadie St Lawrence | Founder and CEO | Women in Data
  • 5 Things We Have Learned From Continuous Explore Exploit Applications at Netflix: Sophia Liu, PhD | Senior Data Scientist | Netflix
  • Introduction to Python for Data Analysis: Leonidas Souliotis, PhD | Senior Data Scientist | AstraZeneca
  • Any Way You Want It: Integrating Complex Business Requirements into ML Forecasting Systems: David Koll | Senior Data Scientist | Continental AG
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: Julia Lintern | Data Science Instructor | Metis
  • AI in a Minefield: Learning from Poisoned Data: Johnathan Roy Azaria | Data Scientist Tech Lead | Imperva
  • An Intuition-Based Approach to Reinforcement Learning: Oswald Campesato | Founder,| AI Adjunct Instructor | iQuarkt, UCSC
  • Big Data Analytics and Visualization with R: Ysis Wilson-Tarter | Staff Data Engineer | Absci



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ODSC - Open Data Science

ODSC - Open Data Science


Our passion is bringing thousands of the best and brightest data scientists together under one roof for an incredible learning and networking experience.