How Good are the Visualization Capabilities of Microsoft Power BI?

Report View basics

  • Filters on this page applies to every visual on the selected page.
  • Filters on all pages applies to every visual on every page in the report.
  • Filters on this visual only appears when a visual is selected, and only affects the selected visual
  • The Visuals section displays all available visualizations including enabled preview and imported custom visuals.
  • The Fields section displays buckets used to populate the different areas on the visual and varies based on the visual chosen. For instance, a table will have a single Values bucket, while a pie chart will have Legend, Details, Values, and Tooltips buckets.
  • The Format section controls the look and feel of the visual. The formatting options will vary based on the visual selected but generally include title, font size and color, and data label settings.
  • The Analytics section allows for the addition of reference lines like minimum or maximum thresholds, the median line, and an average line. The options will vary based on the visual selected and often allow for both static and data-driven lines.

Creating new visuals

Summary of Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization



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