How to Get the Full Experience at ODSC East 2020

Attend Training Sessions on Monday and Tuesday

With a Platinum or VIP ticket, ODSC East attendees can attend the half-day training sessions on Tuesday. In these 3 ½ hour training sessions, leading data scientists will give in-depth talks on various subjects. The ODSC East 2020 training sessions will help you learn an important, tangible skill in the shortest amount of time, such as crash courses on ML, DL, NLP, and more. These sessions are only available to Platinum and VIP ticket holders, and provide a quick ROI since you’ll be able to go right back to work and implement these new skills instantly.

  • Deep Learning (with TensorFlow 2) with Dr. Jon Krohn, Chief Data Scientist, Author of Deep Learning Illustrated | Untapt
  • Solving the Data Scientist’s Dilemma: the Cold-Start Problem with 10+ Machine Learning Examples with Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist | Booz Allen Hamilton
  • State of the Art Natural Language Processing at Scale with David Talby, PhD, CTO | Pacific AI
  • Data Science, Privacy & Confidentiality, with Julia Lane, PhD, Professor | NYU Center for Urban Science
  • There will also be a topic to-be-decided with Thomas Wolf, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Hugging Face. More info is coming soon.

Full access

The ODSC East Platinum and VIP tickets don’t end there. Ticket holders get everything that the event has to offer. This means you get all talks, workshops, and training sessions Thursday and Friday, all networking meetups, access to the Career Expo, and more. Do you see the theme here? You won’t have to worry about FOMO since these tickets grant you access to everything!

What’s the difference between ODSC East 2020 Platinum Tickets and VIP Tickets?

If you’re looking for the optimal marriage of training sessions combined with the opportunity to network with high-level data scientists and speakers — the VIP pass is our top-tier choice. It not only offers the full 4-day immersive experience of the Platinum Pass, but adds in networking receptions with other VIP’s, free lunch, drinks, and coffee, and a merch bag with ODSC goodies.

Sign me up!

Need a little help convincing your boss? We have resources to help you convince your boss to fund ODSC East 2020 right here, so they’ll see the value in a full conference pass as well.



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