Keynote by Dr. Babak Hodjat: Creating an AI-Powered Organization

What’s the Problem With Analytics?

  • Most problems require multiple objectives — some kind of balance the company is striking between different solutions and needs.
  • Models become obsolete faster than we expect — changes in customer habits, regulations, even unpredictable events like natural disasters alter the course of AI models.

What’s the State of AI Now?

  • lots more trials required than humans need.
  • not robust to unexpected states (i.e., states not in training models)
  • not robust if the rules change (i.e., must learn everything from scratch each time.)

Understand Decision Making

  • The space is deceptive. AI doesn’t have enough resources.
  • The space is too large. Too many variables create noise.
  • The space is too high-dimensional. Single tweaks don’t yield enough improvement for the next course of action.

Enter Evolutionary Computation

So Why Do We Need AI-driven Decision Making in AI-Powered Organizations?

  • Where is the most impactful decision-making in your organization?
  • What would that look like driven by AI-decision making?



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