Machine Learning for Education: Benefits and Obstacles to Consider in 2020

  • there are robots in the classrooms that control a student’s health level
  • students wear uniforms with trackers to keep them safe while they are on the school territory
  • the most notable achievement is headbands which determine a student’s concentration level

Current State of Machine Learning in Education

Machine Learning, as a branch of AI, has seen rapid development over the past few years.

Benefits of Machine Learning to Consider in 2020

Next year, education professionals expect the impact of AI and Machine Learning to grow even more, bringing more benefits on top of what educators can already implement in the classroom:

Predicting Career Paths

This year, researchers launched a trend of creating the algorithm based on machine learning that will help students determine their future career paths and college education options.

Precise Grading

Education professionals are pointing towards the biased grading system used in schools.

More Personalization in the Classroom

Amazing results have already been achieved in creating a more personalized approach to each student in the classroom with the help of machine learning.

Obstacles and Limitations to Consider in 2020

Not everything in the implementation of Machine Learning in education is about benefits and advantages.

Flaws in Grading System

Since we’ve talked about the demand for a more precise grading system based on Machine Learning, let’s discuss its limitations.

The Problem with Data Collection and Transparency

This issue will still remain one of the topical ones in 2020 when it comes to Machine Learning in education.

Concluding Thoughts

The innovations brought by AI and Machine Learning to Education are exciting. They allow students to get high-quality education based on practical skills rather than on getting general knowledge.



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