Making Explainability Work in Practice

  • Intrinsic and post-hoc methods: Intrinsic methods relate to restricting the complexity of the model and/or features before the model training; Post-hoc methods apply an explainability technique after the model training.
  • Model-specific and model-agnostic: Model-specific methods focus on explaining the behavior and decision or a single type of algorithm, whereas model agnostic methods work with any type of a model
  • Local and global: Local methods explain the decision of the model for each instance in the data whereas global methods explain the overall model behavior
  • the loan officer or relationship manager,
  • the client themselves,
  • the technical team building and deploying the model,
  • the business stakeholders who accept the risk of the model,
  • model validation team, compliance, privacy office and legal teams, audit
  • In some countries, there are external regulators who may have their own explainability requirements.



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