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5 min readMay 24, 2024

Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending open-source projects, and significant startup investments. We carefully curate and share a selection of the most impactful developments, bringing you the insights that matter most to the AI and data science community.

Open Data Science Blog Recap

  • OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o to the World (Source)
  • Senate Leaders Unveil $32 Billion Plan to Address AI Issues (Source)
  • Breaking: OpenAI Disbands Team Focused on Long-Term AI Risk (Source)
  • AI Godfather Sees Need for Universal Basic Income Due to AI (Source)
  • New AI Safety Pledge Made by AI Giants at AI Seoul Summit (Source)
  • Microsoft Unveils Copilot+ PCs (Source)
  • Scarlett Johansson “Shocked” at OpenAI’s Chatbot Voice (Source)
  • IBM Announces Major Updates to watsonx Platform (Source)

AI News Highlights

New Trending Open Source Projects

  • Efficient-KAN is an OS pure-PyTorch implementation of the Kolmogorov-Arnold Network (KAN) paper mentioned in this week’s research section. It’s designed to reduce memory usage and computational complexity. It reformulates the original KAN computations to improve efficiency while maintaining compatibility with typical neural network operations, making it suitable for various machine learning tasks
  • CoreNet, a versatile deep neural network library developed by Apple, supports a wide range of tasks including training large language models and object detection, and has gained popularity for its robust features and open-source nature​
  • This AI Reader open source library converts any URL into a format that is friendly for large language models (LLMs) with a simple prefix. It also allows LLMs to access and process the latest web content by searching the web for given queries
  • Perplexica is an AI-powered search engine that serves as an open-source alternative to Perplexity AI. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to refine search results, supposedly ensuring accurate and relevant answers from web queries while supposedly maintaining user privacy
  • Firecrawl is yet another open source project that converts entire websites into LLM-ready markdown or structured data. It allows users to scrape, crawl, search, and extract data from websites using a single API​
  • TimesFM (Time Series Foundation Model) is a pretrained model developed by Google Research for time-series forecasting. It offers efficient and accurate forecasting by leveraging a decoder-only architecture, making it suitable for various forecasting tasks with publicly available checkpoints and comprehensive usage documentation
  • Secret Llama is a fully private LLM chatbot that operates entirely within a browser, eliminating the need for a server. It supports models like Mistral and Llama 3, ensuring user privacy by keeping all conversation data on the local device​
  • Cohere Toolkit is a collection of prebuilt components designed to facilitate the quick development and deployment of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) applications. It provides tools for building customizable interfaces and backends, supports various model providers, and includes deployment guides for production environments​

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

  • The hype around Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks (KANs) as next-gen Large Language Models (LLMs) stems from their unique approach to model architecture and potential advantages over traditional models like Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLPs). KANs are based on the Kolmogorov-Arnold representation theorem, which allows them to use activation functions on edges rather than nodes, leading to improved accuracy and interpretability with fewer parameters — Paper
  • Pytorch-Wildlife: A Collaborative Deep Learning Framework for Conservation — Paper
  • OLAPH: Improving Factuality in Biomedical Long-form Question Answering — Paper
  • What is Your Data Worth to GPT? LLM-Scale Data Valuation with Influence Functions — Paper
  • End-to-End Real-World Polyphonic Piano Audio-to-Score Transcription with Hierarchical Decoding — Paper
  • EHRMamba: Towards Generalizable and Scalable Foundation Models for Electronic Health Records — Paper
  • TerDiT: Ternary Diffusion Models with Transformers — Paper
  • TimeX++: Learning Time-Series Explanations with Information Bottleneck — Paper
  • TimeX++: Learning Time-Series Explanations with Information Bottleneck — Paper
  • Joining up the scattered anticancer knowledge on auraptene and umbelliprenin: a meta-analysis — Paper
  • OLAPH: Improving Factuality in Biomedical Long-form Question Answering — Paper
  • SirLLM: Streaming Infinite Retentive LLM- Paper
  • AutoSoccerPose: Automated 3D posture Analysis of Soccer Shot Movements — Paper

Start-Up Funding News

  • San Francisco-based Scale AI, a provider of data-oriented platform that assists in the development of AI applications, raised over $1.5B in Series F
  • Paris-based Holistic, a provider of artificial intelligence models within the technology sector and helps in data analysis, raised $220M in Seed
  • Massachusetts-based Sumo, an AI-powered music startup that hopes to allow anyone to create music, raised over $125M in Private Funding
  • London-based LabGenius, user of a machine learning-driven evolution engine to develop protein therapeutics, raised over $73M in Series B
  • California-based Praktika, an automated 1–1 tutorship powered by genAI Avatars, raised over $36M in Series A
  • California-based Coactive AI, a machine learning platform that unlocks analytics and insights from unstructured image and video data, raised $44M in Series B
  • California-based WitnessAI, a builder of guardrails that make AI safe, productive, and usable, raised over $27.5M in Private Funding

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