OpenAI Unveils DALL-E 3 & Users Can Generate Images in ChatGPT


OpenAI has unveiled its latest version of DALL-E as part of a research preview, called DALL-E-3 this week. According to a blog post from the AI startup, DALL-E 3 “understands significantly more nuance and detail than our previous systems.”

For enterprise and ChatGPT Plus customers, DALL-E 3 will be available next month via the API and Labs. To the delight of users, DALL-E 3 is built natively on ChatGPT. This will allow users of ChatGPT to generate tailored, detailed prompts for DALL-E 3. This could potentially unlock even more creative features and further push the limits of generative AI art.

Of course, if the prompt provided by ChatGPT isn’t up to par, one could always ask the chatbot to make some changes and tweaks based on what you’d like to see. What’s interesting though, according to OpenAI, even identical prompts deliver improved results between DALL-E 2 and DALL-E 3.

Also, due to potential liability and their commitment to the responsible use of AI, OpenAI has taken steps to limit DALL-E’s ability to generate violent, adult, or hateful content. For example, DALL-E 3 is designed to decline requests that ask for an image in the style of a living artist.

This is likely a result of growing pushback from the art community over the use of human-created works to train AI models. On another note, creators can also opt their images out from training OpenAI’s future image generation models.

Why does this matter? As OpenAI notes, modern text-to-image systems tend to ignore words or descriptions. This forces users to learn prompt engineering. So it seems that OpenAI is attempting to bridge the skills gap between casual users and expert users.

But what does it mean? Well, in short, DALL-E 3 should have the ability to generate images that exactly adhere to the text you provide. If proven to be the case, it would be a major step forward in AI art. This would be a feature that competitors such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion will likely want to replicate in some form.

This isn’t all for DALL-E 3. As one would expect due to Microsoft’s significant investment in OpenAI, they’ll get a nice cut. And the form of the cut will be DALL-E 3 becoming available in Bing chat.

This announcement is another direct link between Microsoft’s investment into OpenAI. The tech giant will continue for greater generative AI tools and features in their software. As mentioned above, DALL-E 3 is now in research preview and will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October.

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