Predicting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of Celebrities Based on Their Favorite Books


Data Analysis

The MBTI’s 16 Personality Types

Let’s Begin with Celebrities’ MBTI!

How Can You Benefit from MBTI?

In Business

  • MBTI helps gather an employee’s behavior, character, attitude, opinion, and most importantly, it will help understand how they interact with others.
  • A company can identify people and build teams taking into consideration their likes and dislikes. This helps employees interact better with their colleagues.
  • Personality assessment helps the employer understand the employee’s character better and thus provides suitable stimuli for motivation. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

In Marketing

  • Personality assessment helps brands tailor their customer services.
  • It can also help create targeted content for specific groups.

Code for celebrities’ MBTI



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