Survey Finds AI Interviews Will be Used by 43% of Companies by 2024

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2 min readJul 7, 2023


AI has rapidly scaled across fields and industries. So it shouldn’t be a shock that AI may play a pivotal role in the world of talent acquisition. In a recent report by Fox Business, a survey that was conducted by Resume Builder found that 10% of companies already use AI interviews for prospects. Interestingly, that number significantly jumps as over 43% of companies plan on using bots within the hiring process by 2024.

But before you believe you must learn how to work the bot, companies have made it clear that AI isn’t expected to take over the reins. According to the same report, 80% of the AI interviews were used to screen out candidates, with an additional 15% having any role in the decision process.

The purpose of this of course is to improve efficiency and optimize the entire process. As anyone whose gone through the interviewing process knows, many companies are quite efficient while others are not. Another reason why AI won’t take charge, solely at least, when it comes to hiring is the fear of bias.

Stacie Haller, Resume Builder’s Chief Career Advisor told Fox Business that AI tools can still be biased, and because of this, managers should be well-versed in the risks before utilizing AI-powered tools. She is concerned about people being interviewed by bots. “his technology has people interviewing with a bot which can be very disconcerting.

She also opened up about new tools currently being pushed onto the market. These will be more sophisticated versions of the Applicant Tracking Systems. Stacie said of these systems, “Most managers in our survey agree that it will most likely eliminate candidates that a human or ATS may not, but seem to be using anyway in an effort to speed up the hiring process,“.

Though she also cautioned about the AI-powered systems, “Time will tell if this really accomplished the end goal of hiring the best candidates for the position or eliminates great candidates and moves forward more unqualified candidates resulting in turnover”.

It should be interesting to see how AI will come to change the overall hiring market, and processes for many companies.

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