The 4 Most Important Traits to Look for When Hiring an AI Expert

Knowledge in the Top Programming Languages

  • Python: This is the unofficial foundation for programming languages, and just about any data scientist or AI programmer will know how to use Python. It is the most commonly used due to its simplicity and quick development, making it the ideal language choice for projects that are functional as well as procedural — such as machine learning focused systems. It is often used by companies related to IT, engineering, and professional services, and is commonly utilized by Google, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Java: Next to Python, Java is arguably the second most common programming language. It requires high-level training and experience to truly master. It is ideal for web-based development projects and is often used for communication programs, IoT, and cloud computing, as well as video games and apps.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is another popular programming language, as 65% of AI developers report using it on a regular basis for their projects. It often plays a key role in front-end and gaming development. Additionally, it is used by many social media platforms to create interactive pages.
  • C/CPP: C dates back all the way to the 1970s and has paved the way for other language derivatives, including Java, Objective-C, C+ and C++. Each variation offers a slightly different focus, but overall, C is often used for higher-level applications — including virtual reality and computer graphics. C is commonly used by Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle for IT and engineering services.

Applied Math Sciences

  • Gradient Decent: Iterative optimization used by algorithms to find the minimum of a function by pinpointing the steepest descent of the gradient.
  • Convex Optimization: A mathematical approach for minimizing a convex function over a convex set.
  • Lagrange Interpolation: A formula to find new data points with a known set, used to estimate the value of a function.
  • Quadratic Programming: A mathematical optimization problem used to minimize or maximize a quadratic function that contains several variables.

Proficiency with Hadoop

Keep an Eye Out for Soft Skills, Too




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