The Citizen Data Science Path To Becoming A Data Scientist

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Where Do I Start?

How Many Skills Do I Need?

Do I Need A Portfolio?

Develop Your Visualization Skills

Decide Your Job Title

  • Data Scientist — Cleans and organizes big data. Tells the appropriate stories and creates business solutions.
  • Data Engineer — A software engineer at heart. Builds enterprise solutions, data pipelines, and large scale processing systems.
  • Data Analyst — Sifts data to find what insights are hiding. Often considered a stepping stone to a full data scientist.
  • Data Architect — Develops data architecture and framework to facilitate data collection and storage.
  • Data Administrator — Focuses on maintenance, a critical for continuing to capture appropriate data.
  • Business Analyst — Responsible for bridging the gap between the data team and business stakeholders. This role is often less technical, but a cursory knowledge of the technical features is always helpful.

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