Top 10 AI Companies Coming to the ODSC East AI Expo Hall

  • ODSC East keynote speakers Oracle’s Dr. Hari Bhaskar and Jean-Rene Gauthier’s Is Your ML Secure? Cybersecurity and Threats in the ML world, as it will tackle the intersection of machine learning and cybersecurity. How safe is your machine learning world, and are you ready to take on emerging threats?
  • AI Expo Speaker Adam Pocock: Building Provenance and Reproducibility into ML Systems.
  • ODSC keynote speaker Luis Vargas will dive deep into the trend of larger AI models and what it means for complexity, tasks, impact, and more. He will also discuss Microsoft’s impacts on engineering and what it means for other companies.
  • AI Expo Speaker Doris Zhong.
  • AI Expo Speaker: Nancy Rauish’s “Building Trust: Data Governance for Artificial Intelligence”



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