Using Blockchain and AI for Data Security

What’s Changing?

Big data is changing everything, but a few things that must happen with the new capabilities of AI have to do with our data infrastructures. Very soon, unencrypted data may become a thing of the past.

Sharing Answers Not Data

Logging Everything On Blockchain

Based on this infrastructure, soon you’ll send questions to a data pool, and your question and credentials are logged into the blockchain. You request the algorithm, and it gets processed behind the data house firewall (the bank, for example), and the answer is then returned to you through the same blockchain.

How Do You Use Encrypted Data With AI?

The Future Of Encrypted Data

Unencrypted data will soon become a thing of the past as AI builds the case for better, more comprehensive security measures. Encrypted data yields valuable insights, but until now, the benefit didn’t outweigh the risks of moving or revealing that data. Now, organizations can process encrypted data, not only their own but data from another pool, to receive the needed insight without compromising the data itself.



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