What is an AI Engineer?

What Are AI Engineers?

  • be familiar with a variety of systems including cloud-native systems and chips.
  • understand the principles of deep learning
  • decide when models are ready to deploy and maintain them for accuracy (plus unintended consequences).

How Do I Become an AI Engineer?

What Are Promising Fields for AI Engineers?

  • Enterprises: Businesses with large amounts of unstructured data are already making use of AI to pull key insights from unstructured data. Think social media posts and visual media. Building enterprise solutions in the form of deep learning could help launch a business into a new age.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare is full of processes that take a massive amount of time and resources. The insertion of AI into time-intensive healthcare tasks such as drug discovery or analysis of echo-cardiogram output could reduce cost and wait time. Building those models could help revolutionize our healthcare system.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing could see the most significant changes thanks to AI. IoT integration, predictive maintenance, and revamping the supply chain with AI’s deep learning models could help make our products safer and cheaper. We can even improve our search for safer and more affordable materials through AI experimentation.
  • Finance: Fraud detection is one area where deep learning shines. Instead of applying fraud markers across the board, machines can learn the habits of individual customers and flag for fraud. They’ll be able to reduce the instances of false positives and grow with customers’ life changes. Plus, blockchain capabilities, predictive analysis, and IoT could soon make finance unrecognizable from where it is now.

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