What Your Business Needs to Know About Data Variety

Why should you care about data variety?

  • unstructured data
  • the structure between departments or companies
  • format
  • Natural Language
  • media (pictures, video, etc.)

What’s the Obstacle?

  • Address concerns — You know exactly where your shoes are in your messy house, but you’d never send someone into your messy house to look for them. Data is the same way. Departmental data swamps are comfortable but could be embarrassing to share.
  • Give the right people access — those of you who have sensitive information rightfully restrict access, but it’s a delicate balance. You have to find the line between protecting your data and allowing those who need it to have access. It could be a matter of figuring out a better way to process sensitive data with anonymity.
  • Stop Ignoring the issue — proceeding without some data integration plan isn’t going to work either. It prevents you from using data in unique ways that might reveal insights you didn’t have before and it builds your enterprise data debt.

The Old Ways Won’t Work

Master Data Management (MDM)

Extract, Transform, Lead (ETL)

Thinking Differently about Data Variety



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