Why Virtual Career Fairs are Game-Changers for Recruitment

Virtual removes obstacles

  • Cultivate a unique, branded virtual experience
  • Reach the best candidates regardless of location
  • Pre-filter suitable candidates based on a variety of factors
  • Gather valuable data for current and future recruiting and follow-up
  • Reduce hiring costs associated with planning, hosting, or attending in-person events
  • Seek out job opportunities regardless of location
  • Talk to recruiters in a variety of ways — video, chat, or group calls
  • Reduce the stress from travel, logistics, and other in-person challenges
  • Make a better impression than sending a resume, especially for tech-focused careers
  • Receive information and relevant data from the event — no paper necessary.

Virtual is flexible

For recruiters

For job-seekers

Addressing challenges in virtual career fairs



Data and technology challenges

Virtual career fairs are here to stay



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